Powerful positive influence begins with understanding. The most successful people in business are those who best understand their customers. The most admired and influential leaders are those who most fully understand the people they lead. The most effective parents are the ones who best understand their children.


Managers are successful largely to the extent that they understand the capabilities and perspectives of their employees. Teachers are effective to the extent that they understand their students. Whatever you set out to do, if it involves other people it depends heavily on understanding.

One of the most reliable strategies for success in any endeavor is to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes. You’re already quite familiar with your own perspective. When you take the time and trouble to also understand the other person, the combined perspective you gain can be of tremendous value.

Put yourself in a powerful position by making the effort to understand.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr. – The Daily Motivator website at http://www.GreatDay.com
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