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The power of responsibility

Responsibility can be difficult, time-consuming, unfair, inconvenient and uncomfortable. Yet it also brings you to a level of empowerment that cannot be reached in any other way. Continue reading

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When you take risks there is the very real possibility of failure. When you take no risks there is the absolute certainty of failure. Some risks are not worth taking, yet to avoid all risk is to avoid life itself. Getting up in the morning is risky. Going into the marketplace is risky. It is risky to develop relationships with other people. Yet these are all risks which are well worth taking, because they can bring such valuable rewards. Continue reading

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Let Go Of Battles That Cannot be Won

We fight these silly battles (and so many others) sometimes out of stubbornness or out of our own need to prove ourselves, other times out of pure habit, and sometimes simply because we haven’t thought through exactly what it is we are hoping to accomplish or where our efforts are likely to lead. Whatever the reason, however, this tendency is a serious mistake if your goal is to stop sweating the small stuff. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Over-Reactive

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes bad things happen. When they do,  don’t  overreact  to them. Take Jim, for example. He would blow up, yelling and screaming at everyone, especially the person who brought him the bad news. … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself

Your preparation will not only enable you to seize the opportunity. By preparing for the opportunity, you actually help to make that opportunity real in your life. Continue reading

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Don’t Keep People Waiting

When you’re on time, however, you avoid all this stress and then some. They may not express it, but the people you work with will appre­ciate the fact that you’re not late. They won’t have any reason to be mad at you or to think you don’t respect their time. They won’t be talking behind your back, and you won’t get the reputation as the person who is always late. You’ll stop rushing and, because you won’t be so hurried, you’ll relax a little bit and have slightly more time to reflect. Continue reading

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Avoid Making Decisions From Ego

Make your decisions based on good information, good recommendations, and thought- ful analysis focused on achieving the best outcomes for everyone. Remember that ego focuses on yourself. Good decision makers focus on the organization and others. Continue reading

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