Sincerely Say You’re Sorry

The flip side of forgiveness is humility. Some people believe when two people love each other, you don’t have to say you’re sorry. I disagree.

It is bad for our soul not to be kind and thoughtful. Whenever we are forgetful, impatient, or insensitive, saying something sharply critical, when we sincerely say, “I’m sorry,” we clear the air. We empty our mind of negative thoughts.

Saying you’re sorry when you mean it is soothing because it releases the other person from being upset. When we express our regret about something we wish could have been different, we’re expressing our compassion and empathy. People who have difficulty saying they’re sorry suffer from feelings of inferiority.

Until you genuinely say you’re sorry, you’re withdrawing your love while inflicting pain. When you’re not sorry, you are not understanding the consequences of your behavior. There will always be reactions to everything we do or don’t do. We pay a price whenever we’ve hurt someone’s feelings by not being generous-spirited and sensitive to their wishes and needs.

It is better to say you’re sorry even for a vague misunderstanding where you don’t quite know how it happened. If you and your partner agreed to meet at a building entrance and you end up at the second of two entrances while your partner is waiting at the first, you may think you’re right and your partner is wrong because you were at the main entrance on the avenue while your partner was at the street entrance, and you might feel ticked off because you were waiting more than twenty minutes in the cold.

But your lover was concerned about you, looking all around and waiting in the cold, too, and when you finally unite you should be glad you are both safe and together again. Be humble. Be sorry you were not where your partner thought you would be. Don’t try to prove you are right and your lover was wrong. There are bound to be times of confu- sion and crossed wires. Someone hears or assumes one thing, the other something else. Right or wrong, we should show our love, not our sense of indignation. Remember what’s important. No one who loves us deliberately plays games.

We all make mistakes. When we sincerely apologize, we should be forgiven. Focus on all the times you are in complete harmony. When- ever there is any slight disconnection, be eager to say you’re sorry, be forgiving of yourself and your partner, and be grateful as you move forward.

Happiness for Two –  Alexandra Stoddard


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Patience, Patience

Patience is an overlooked virtue, but it really is the sign of highly developed intelligence and wisdom. There is no way we can  seek and find happiness for two without valuing our patience and being compassionately patient with our partner.

There is nothing quick or easy that is deeply meaningful or serious. Our amazing brains were made for finer things than to skim the surface superficially, racing from one task to another, running away from our center. If we choose to get caught up in the daily rat race, we have only ourselves to blame.

Patient people are not afraid to take their time to achieve greater inner peace and more clarity of mind. Patient people let others take their time. Patient people understand that living takes time. Face a hardship with patience and confidence that the issues can be resolved in good order, in due time. This positive attitude and approach avoids denial, panic, or despair.

Patient people are able to endure pain and difficulty with calmness, tolerance, and understanding. When persevering we’re capable of awaiting an outcome without haste or being impulsive. We make better decisions. When necessary, we’re able to suffer patiently without yielding. Patience is not entirely congenial to the American spirit. But couples should never underestimate the power of the passage of time and the wisdom of not necessarily requiring an instant resolution for whatever comes up.

Let life evolve. True patience is more than not being impatient. Patience is the beginning of wisdom.

Happiness for Two –  Alexandra Stoddard
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Embrace Change

Nothing in our dynamic universe ever stays the same. Stability, paradoxically, is based on unending change. The capacity to adapt to change is a sign of emotional health and intelligence—without it we cannot grow.

The more flexible you are, the more you’ll be open to change in any and all circumstances.

Embracing impermanence makes all of our relationships more meaningful. Life is sacred. What we have now will never be the same again. Each moment has a life of its own. Moment by moment, life changes. We can thrive by staying centered on the present while also being prepared, by embracing change, for the future. Be alert to subtle changes in your body, in your mind, in the weather, and in the environment. Respond and accept them as they come.

You’re here now. Make the most of what happens and be happy. Join in. You’re in the swing, in the thick of life. Embrace it with both arms and a huge heart. Plato taught us not to fear change. The more you know and the more you experience, the less you should fear. You have the capacity to be courageous in handling whatever troubles come your way. How can you keep this resilience when really bad changes happen?


You can recover and adjust easily when you have the understanding that life is made up of ups and downs. You have the inner resources to accept what you cannot change.

Let your life unfold. You are happening today. Don’t try to freeze the moment when everything is peaceful and you’re happy. Live the moment intensely. When you have one new insight, you are transformed, forever changed, and cannot go back to where you were before this raising of your consciousness. Concentrate on your growth. Each day, embrace new considerations in your thinking. As situations continuously change, rethink everything. Everything is now new.

Trust that life gets better and better and better. The more you grow in love and compassion for others, the more radiantly happy you will become.

 A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life – Alexandra Stoddard
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Generous Compliments Lighten the Heart

When we’re generous with our compliments we’re expressing our praise, affection, and admiration. We send our good wishes. We all want to be loved, understood, and appreciated. Compliments reinforce our excellent qualities.

Many times I’ll intuitively give someone a genuine compliment, then learn that what I said was just what that person needed to hear. It makes me happy to have been able to make an observation that made a difference to someone’s sense of well-being. The doctor and author Deepak Chopra teaches us, “Dwell upon what is most lovable about the person who is most loving in your life today.” Through thinking the thoughts that will recall the greatness and grace in our lover, as well as attentive observation, we can sing the praises of our lover. Lord Byron recognized, “Who loves, raves.”

Human beings are motivated by praise; show your sincere approval and admiration. Our lover is praiseworthy: Rave! Establish the habit of lightening hearts with genuine generous compliments. Does it  come easily to you to compliment others? The more we sincerely compliment people, the more we build our own confidence in our capacity to give pleasure to others.

Green_Nature_HDTV_Wallpapers_laba.wsBe unending in your generosity of spirit. The more often we are given a compliment, the more we feel we’re on our path, recognized for what we do well. Think of all the creative compliments—praising tangible as well as intangible qualities—you can pay to your partner.

Let others criticize. Honest compliments are the language of love. When we praise our significant other we lift each other up into greater heights of happiness. Life and love take effort. Recognize it in each other and let your kind words melt your lover’s heart.

Happiness for Two –  Alexandra Stoddard
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I HOPE THAT  I AM NOT THE  FIRST PERSON  TO INFORM  YOU  OF THE  solemn  and inevitable fact that life is not fair. Unfortunately, we do not always get what we want or deserve or earn. We  do, however, inevitably get what we expect. We   move inexorably toward our most dominant thought.

It has been said a hundred ways by great men and women over the last five thousand years of recorded history that we are what we think about. Many times, success or failures become a habit. People who seem to move from tragedy to tragedy in their lives, becoming ever-more beaten down, will often be heard to   say, “I knew that was going to happen.” On the other hand, the winners in every arena of life seem to continue to win time after time and expect it as their due.

As we go about our daily lives, it is important to remember that we always   find what we’re looking for. If you set out today thinking that this is going to be a bad day, shortly things will begin to order themselves to meet your expectation. Conversely, if you set out with an expectation of greatness, this can be one of the greatest days of your life.

155Ironically, the circumstances may not change, but we always find the result   we are seeking. How many great days do we all miss because we are too busy highlighting the negative things around us to revel in the wonderful things life gives us?

Please do me a favor. For one day, expect great things to happen; look for them at every turn; and watch them come to pass. By the time you put your head on your pillow, you will have enjoyed an exceptional day. If my system does not work for you, you’ll be happy to know it comes with a money-back guarantee, and you will have all the days of the rest of your life to expect, look for, and live through the worst.

Life isn’t so much what happens to us as it is how we perceive what happens  to us. I wish you a life full of whatever you expect.

Today’s the day!
Wisdom for Winners – A Millionaire Mindset : Jim Stoval
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The Constant of Change

The only thing that has remained constant throughout the course of time  is change. The only certainty you and I have in our personal and professional lives   is the fact that nothing will remain the same; therefore, things can get better or   they can get worse. But whether things are better or worse is not always readily apparent.

Think back in your past of all the changes that were thrust into your life. Many times you thought the immediate change was bringing disaster when, in   fact, as you look back today, that seemingly disastrous change has brought many positive things into your life. On the other hand, think of those changes in your  past that you just knew were going to be wonderful developments that turned out  to be less than positive as time revealed the reality of the situation.

In order to move ahead, grow, and develop, we must embrace change. This is difficult to do because we human beings always seek our comfort zone. Our comfort zone could be defined as a safe, constant, dependable place. Anything that threatens to upset our comfort zone we immediately view as a threat. We    must always remind ourselves that all growth and improvement involves change. While this change may not seem positive in the beginning, or may not feel comfortable, it can turn out to be a wonderful improvement.

The good old days weren’t really that good, and the frightening, scary future is full of untold promise. We need to embrace change as the messenger of good instead of disaster. We tend to seek the known  versus  the  unknown  and  the familiar versus the unfamiliar; but those individuals who have maintained a safe, stable, consistent environment have rarely achieved greatness.

Think of all of the individuals throughout history whom you admire. Whether they are scientists, artists, philosophers, soldiers, or politicians, those who we   deem to be great were, invariably, at the forefront of change. They ushered in a  new era. As we look back on them from the perspective of history, we note their single, great accomplishment. But if you will study the details of history, you will realize that every great person through the ages who had a new invention, development, or idea was met with opposition and scorn from those who wanted   to maintain the status quo and avoid  change.

As you go through your day today, look at each change as an opportunity.

Today’s the Day – Jim Stovall
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Though there is some advantage to be gained by being first, there is more advantage in being the best. Even in this hurry-­up world, it pays to take the time to do things right.

Haste and impatience are costly and prone to mistakes. Experience the value of patience. Though it may seem that you’re being left behind, with measured, diligent effort you’ll likely end up far ahead.

Patience does not mean procrastination. It means taking action now that will bring results in the future. It means doing what is best rather than what is quickest or most expedient. It means understanding that the journey is a big part of the reward.

Get started now, and have patience. Those who seek instant rewards will see them quickly vanish, if they get them at all. Take the time to be the best, and you’ll leave all those overnight wonders behind in the dust.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr.  website at
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