Persistence Pays

The key to success is to decide what’s most im­portant to you and then take massive action each  day to make it better, even when it doesn’t look as if it’s working.

I’ll give you an example. Have you ever heard of a guy named Colonel Sanders? Of course you have. How did Colonel Sanders become such an unbelievable success? Was it because he was born wealthy? Was his fam­ily rich? Did they send him to a top university like Harvard? Maybe he was successful because he started his business when he was really young. Are any of these true?

The answer is no. Colonel Sanders didn’t begin to fulfill his dream until he was 65 years old! What drove him to finally take action? He was broke and alone. He got his first Social Security check for $105, and he got mad. But instead of blaming society or just writing Congress a nasty note, he started asking himself, “What could I do that would be valuable for other people? What could I give back?” He started thinking about what he had that was valuable to others.

His first answer was, “Well, I have this chicken recipe everyone seems to love! What if I sold my chicken recipe to restaurants? Could I make money doing that?” Then he immediately though, “That’s ridiculous. Selling my recipe won’t even pay the rent.” And he got a new idea: “What if I not only sold them my recipe but also showed them how to cook the chicken properly? What if the chicken was so good that it increased their business? If more people cam e to see them and they made more chicken sales, maybe they would give me a percentage of’ those additional sales.”

Many people have great ideas. But Colonel Sanders was different. He was a man who didn’t just think of great things to do. He put them into action. He went and started knocking on doors, telling each restaurant owner his story: “I’ve got a great chicken recipe, and I think if you use it, it’ll increase your sales. And I’d like to get a percentage of that increase.”

Well, many people laughed in his face. They said, “Look, old man , get out of here. What are you wearing that stupid white suit for?”Did Colonel Sanders give up? Absolutely not. He had the #1 key to success; I call it personal power. Personal power means being persis­tent in taking action: Every time you do something, you learn from it, and you find a way to do it better next time. Colonel Sanders certainly used his personal power! Instead of feeling bad about the last restaurant that had rejected his idea, he immediately started focusing on how to tell his story more effectively and get better results from the  next restaurant.


How many times do you think Colonel Sanders heard no before getting the answer he wanted? He was refused 1,009 times before he heard his first yes. He spent two years driving across America in his old, beat­ up car, sleeping in the back seat in his rumpled white suit, getting up each day eager to share his idea with someone new. Often, the only food he had was a quick bite of the samples he was preparing for prospective buyers. How many people do you think would have gone

How many people do you think would have gone for 1,009 noes- two years of noes!-and kept ongoing? Very few. That’s why there’s only one Colonel Sanders. I think most people wouldn’t get past twenty noes, much less  a hundred or a thousand! Yet this is sometimes what it takes to succeed.

If you look at any of the most successful people in history, you will find this common thread: They would not be denied. They would not accept no. They would not allow anything to stop them from making their vision, their goal, a reality. Did you know that Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got financing for his dream of creating”The Happiest Place on Earth”?All the banks thought he  was  crazy. He  wasn’t  crazy; he was a visionary and, more important, he was committed to making that vision a reality. Today, millions of people have shared in “the joy of Disney,” a world like no other, a world launched by the decision of one man.

My message to you is simple, and in your heart you know it’s true: Massive, consistent action with pure persistence and a sense of flexibility in pursuing your goals will ultimately give you what you want, but you must abandon any sense that there is no solution. You must focus immediately on the actions you can take today,  even if they are small ones.

Notes from a Friend – Anthony Robbins


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Give ’Em the Benefit of the Doubt

“Giving others the benefit of the doubt allows them to do the same for you. Reciprocal respectful treatment leads to solid relationships”

We are often too quick to judge the actions and motivations of others. When things don’t go  specifically  as  they should, we too often look to place blame. We tend to jump  to conclusions.

Green_Nature_HDTV_Wallpapers_laba.wsInstead of looking first to place blame, look to give others the benefit of the doubt. Hold off on thinking someone is the problem until you have established evidence. You  want others to  do this for you so do it for others.

This is especially important when evaluating motivations. Don’t make  assumptions.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills – Robert Dittmer
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Open Mind, Close Mouth

As you have more milestone birthdays—the ones that end in “0”—you come to learn the myriad of things you don’t know. Life’s experiences give us wisdom, but for every answer there seems to be two questions that pop up that are not answered.

When you were a teenager or a young adult, everything seemed simple, easy,  and you fully understood it all.  As  time  passed,  the  simple  black-and-white world faded into several complex shades of gray. We come to realize that people are products of their environment, their thinking, and their attitudes.

Often it seems that  ignorant  and  uninitiated  people  want  to  tell  you everything, while wise and learned people seem reluctant to speak. I believe that it is almost a universal law that people’s opinions that are forced on you are generally worthless, while those individuals who really have something to say  must be sought out and questioned. Don’t ever ask anyone’s opinion who doesn’t have what you want. On the other hand, when you find people who  have  succeeded in the arena of your interest, you must specifically ask them for their wisdom.

As younger people, we think there is only one side to an issue. As we get older,  we discover there are two sides, and when wisdom is really gained, we   learn there are many sides with varying angles. Time,  experience, books, and  travel all expand one’s field of reference. Meeting different people from different places either in person or through books will cause us to think. Small-minded people often only associate with or read material from people with whom they agree. Wise people will discuss issues  or  read  books  written  by  people  with whom they may not  agree.

187Wisdom is achieved by keeping an open mind and a closed mouth. On the other hand, ignorance is exposed by having an open mouth and a closed mind. Commit yourself to listen more than you talk, and be sure that you are listening to people who have something worth saying. Each  day,  you  make  either  a deposit or a withdrawal in your life’s bank account of wisdom. Be sure to invest and save wisely.

Today’s the Day – Jim Stovall
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Powerful positive influence begins with understanding. The most successful people in business are those who best understand their customers. The most admired and influential leaders are those who most fully understand the people they lead. The most effective parents are the ones who best understand their children.


Managers are successful largely to the extent that they understand the capabilities and perspectives of their employees. Teachers are effective to the extent that they understand their students. Whatever you set out to do, if it involves other people it depends heavily on understanding.

One of the most reliable strategies for success in any endeavor is to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes. You’re already quite familiar with your own perspective. When you take the time and trouble to also understand the other person, the combined perspective you gain can be of tremendous value.

Put yourself in a powerful position by making the effort to understand.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr. – The Daily Motivator website at
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Manage your finances

A balanced and agreed approach to your finances is an important feature of your happiness  together.

You  think money doesn’t matter when you’re first in love. You’ll be happy, even if you didn’t have a penny in the   world, because your love is everything to you. And then… and then reality steps in. For money of course does matter. Not that we need wealth for relationship and general happiness. It’s more what we don’t need – a shortfall. As Dickens’s Mr Micawber perceptively said, if our outgoings exceed our income we’re going to be miserable. When worry unsettles you, anxiety pervades your relationship and your love, however strong, takes   a battering.

All can still be well if you stand together, support each other and give each other hope, inspiration and practical help in resolving the situation. You  don’t need a lot, just  enough.

So there are three things to remember at all costs (and yes, that’s literally!). Discuss honestly and agree your financial strategy; in all contingencies, work forwards together – don’t pull apart; and remember your fundamental love and ability to live together happily and  harmoniously.

When you put your heads together to review your finances, resolve any issues or problems and budget accordingly, you have not just double but many times the ability and inspiration to do so comprehensively, realistically and powerfully. You are batting on the same side; no longer victims but the hero and heroine of this practical side of your life together.

Every couple has their own financial story and finds their own way to agree on and sort out a viable financial plan that works well and is conflict free. For there is no sensible need for conflict. Honesty and openness make for mutual understanding, which in turn enables that alchemical mixture of common sense and compromise to work its   magic.

Because we’re brought up, mostly, to keep our personal finances just that – intensely private, it takes a certain leap of faith to share our beliefs, ideas, foibles, failings and aspirations about money. Doing so takes a lot of trust and taking each other’s thoughts and feelings on board takes a lot of love and consideration too. They reward you with a rich sense of togetherness, stress-free money management and the happiness that  results.

It feels really good to devise and agree on the best way to arrange your finances together, and working together to implement and maintain your strategy. Once you’re in harness to do this, you can adjust it through all life’s stages and happenings and never again fight or feel disgruntled over differing habits. Having the courage to open up to each other develops the trust, love and consideration between you and they all work together as you apply your chosen formula. Successful money management, and in particular the joy of saving regularly and budgeting with the remainder of your income, adds another dimension of togetherness to your relationship.

Money is a tool for living, no more than that. It’s not something to get emotional about; it’s there to be used at your command the best way possible as the currency of your life. With good financial management and a shared   approach to working together on your financial plan, you are free from the spectre of increasing debt to enjoy your relationship unencumbered by money worries. If you haven’t already, start organizing your finances now, together as a couple. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised how good it feels to be at the controls as a team and at how it makes for happiness between you.

SECRETS OF HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS – 50 Techniques to Stay in Love – Jenny Hare
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Live by the Golden Rule

We’re  sure  you  remember  this one: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

You may have learned this from your father, mother, grandmother, or Sunday School teacher. And it’s an adage people across the world embrace as a universal human truth. It means, if you want  others to treat you with respect and courtesy, then you have to treat them in the same manner.

087.JPEGThe beauty of the Golden Rule is that it has no mystique to it—it’s straightforward and simple. Treat others as you want to be treated. The rule remains the same whether you’re 8 or 80.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills – Robert Dittmer


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WE  ALWAYS   LIVE  UP  TO  THE  EXPECTATIONS  THAT  WE  HAVE   FOR  OUR    LIVES. Sometimes, these expectations are those  we  have  of  ourselves,  but  too  often these are expectations that we allow other people to place upon us. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves winning someone else’s battle while we lose our  own war.

For years, societal pressure and the media have encouraged us to keep up with the Joneses. Unless your last name is Jones, there is no practical or logical reason you should set your standards based on theirs.


After many of my speaking engagements, I have the opportunity to meet with people one-on-one about their career and life goals. Too  often, these seem to be pre-packaged, cookie-cutter goals that we have all been sold. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get away from all of the external input and pressure to simply reflect on “what is really important to me in my life.”

Assume that money, time, education, and other factors do not enter into your life goals. We all know that eventually these factors do count, but it is important that we not get the “How are we going to do it?” mixed up in the “What are we going to do?” decision.

We spend so much of our time, effort, and energy trying to insure that others will think the best of us. I don’t think we would worry near as much about what other people thought of us if we realized how seldom they actually do think of  us.

The way to build a great life is simply to string together a series of great days. A great day can be defined as one in which, as you put your head on the pillow,  you can reflect back over your day’s  activities and be satisfied. Ideally, you are not only satisfied with how well you did in pursuing your goal, but you  are deeply satisfied that you are pursuing the right   goal.

Make a commitment to pursue the things that really matter for you and  your family.  Let the rest of the world try to keep up with the Joneses, whoever they  may be.

Today’s the day!
Wisdom for Winners – A Millionaire Mindset : Jim Stoval
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