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Give ’Em the Benefit of the Doubt

“Giving others the benefit of the doubt allows them to do the same for you. Reciprocal respectful treatment leads to solid relationships” We are often too quick to judge the actions and motivations of others. When things don’t go  specifically … Continue reading

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Manage your finances

Money is a tool for living, no more than that. It’s not something to get emotional about; it’s there to be used at your command the best way possible as the currency of your life. With good financial management and a shared approach to working together on your financial plan, you are free from the spectre of increasing debt to enjoy your relationship unencumbered by money worries. Continue reading

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Live by the Golden Rule

We’re  sure  you  remember  this one: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You may have learned this from your father, mother, grandmother, or Sunday School teacher. And it’s an adage people across the world embrace … Continue reading

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Make Every Response Gentle

Thinking the universe revolves around us is the poison that endangers our relationships. One solution is this: when we are having an experience that feels tense, disrespectful, or unfair, we can decide to respond to it in a gentle way. And we don’t have to actually feel the gentleness, either. We can simply choose to act gentle. Continue reading

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Live and love in the present

Refuse to allow the past to irrelevantly cause trouble in the present. You can’t stop memories popping into your mind, but you can prevent them from staying there. The first key to living and loving in the moment is to declutter your mind of recurring thoughts and feelings from past bad experiences. Continue reading

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Change Your Lens

Until we are willing to remove our narrow personal lens called ME, we will always see the world through our skewed viewpoint. If we want to create more harmony in our lives and in the world at large, we must be willing to switch out our lens and see things from various perspectives. Continue reading

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Forgive Others as Well

Just as you have to forgive yourself for your own failings, you also have to forgive others when  they  fail you. And others will fail you—both intention- ally and unintentionally. The latter is much easier to forgive, if we know … Continue reading

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