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Success Isn’t Sexy

Don’t complicate things. Getting to your best life is simple. Not easy but simple. It just takes focus  and effort. That philosophy about the thousand mile journey beginning with a single step is true. Do a little  each day to get you to your goals and overtime you’ll get there. Small daily gains lead to giant results over  a lifetime.  Continue reading

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See Both Sides

Originally posted on Reyflection & Inspiration:
There are indeed two sides—or more—to every issue or argument. And people will trust and respect you if you show them you can see the different dimensions of a situation, and not just the…

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Endure Adversity

Everyone experiences adversity and difficult times. No one escapes. We don’t live in the fairy-tale world of Prince Charming and Cinderella. We live in the real world of conflict, war, financial reverses, relational breakdowns, illness, and suffering. Continue reading

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Learn to Say No

Every time you say yes to something that is unimportant, you say are no to something that is important.  “Yes men” and “Yes women” never create anything great. There’s huge value in getting good at saying no.  Continue reading

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Getting What You Want While Loving What You Have

We must  continually walk toward our fears and make more of our lives. We must constantly play a bigger game and  use our creative talents to do, be and see more. This drive to realize more of our greatest selves has, I  believe, been knitted into our DNA and to deny it is to deny our human nature. 

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Problems reveal Genius

Every challenge is nothing more than a chance to make things better. To avoid them is to avoid growth and  progress. To resist them is to decline greatness. Embrace and get the best from the challenges in front of  you. And understand that the only people with no problems are dead.  Continue reading

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Get Some Skin in the Game

“Fail faster. Succeed sooner.” You can’t win without leaving your safety zone and taking some  calculated risks. No risk, no reward. And the more risks you take in the pursuit of your dreams, the more you are going to fail.  Continue reading

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