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Persistence Pays

Personal power means being persis­tent in taking action: Every time you do something, you learn from it, and you find a way to do it better next time. Continue reading

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Give ’Em the Benefit of the Doubt

“Giving others the benefit of the doubt allows them to do the same for you. Reciprocal respectful treatment leads to solid relationships” We are often too quick to judge the actions and motivations of others. When things don’t go  specifically … Continue reading

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Open Mind, Close Mouth

Wisdom is achieved by keeping an open mind and a closed mouth. On the    other hand, ignorance is exposed by having an open mouth and a closed mind. Commit yourself to listen more than you talk, and be sure that you are listening    to people who have something worth saying. Each  day,  you  make  either  a deposit or a withdrawal in your life’s bank account of wisdom. Be sure to invest and save wisely. Continue reading

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Powerful positive influence begins with understanding. The most successful people in business are those who best understand their customers. The most admired and influential leaders are those who most fully understand the people they lead. The most effective parents are … Continue reading

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Manage your finances

Money is a tool for living, no more than that. It’s not something to get emotional about; it’s there to be used at your command the best way possible as the currency of your life. With good financial management and a shared approach to working together on your financial plan, you are free from the spectre of increasing debt to enjoy your relationship unencumbered by money worries. Continue reading

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Live by the Golden Rule

We’re  sure  you  remember  this one: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You may have learned this from your father, mother, grandmother, or Sunday School teacher. And it’s an adage people across the world embrace … Continue reading

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The way to build a great life is simply to string together a series of great days. A great day can be defined as one in which, as you put your head on the pillow, you can reflect back over your day’s activities and be satisfied. Ideally, you are not only satisfied with how well you did in pursuing your goal, but you are deeply satisfied that you are pursuing the right goal. Continue reading

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