The More We Let Go, The More We Gain

Sometimes happiness doesn’t need to be achieved, we just have to make room  for it. Our minds can be full of anxiety, regret, resentment, and worry that there’s no room for the smiles.

Some people believe that what’s  happening to them determines their happiness,  but the reality is, how they deal with those things determines how they feel.

Miserable thoughts may also be familiar, and familiarity can be a reason we hold  to things much longer than their expiry date.

Let your yesterdays go, there will be a point where some of that pain will make sense, and some of it never will. We have this need to make sense of things, but it’s at the expense of our ability to enjoy our NOW moments.

Leave the past where it belongs, the lessons will find you; focus on improving the way you feel now, it’s all you have.

UnLearn – 101 Simple Truths for Better Life – Humble Poet
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When Less is More

The less you give a damn, the happier you’ll be. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that simply looks good from the outside.

We can’t see other peoples’ struggles, pains, pressures, and anxieties. We see the same front they put up that we do. Trying to evaluate your life in comparison to others will always leave you more depressed for that simple  reason.


When we focus on creating happiness from the outside then in, we’ll continue to fail because we’re using other people’s measures  of  success,  and  pretending they’re our own. What makes you feel like a million bucks may involve a pair of ripped jeans and that t-shirt with the holes in it. How you feel is more important than how you look, and though I agree staying fresh can help the way you feel,   the best you thing you can wear is your confidence and   happiness.

Don’t care what others think until you’ve taken your own thoughts into consideration. You can’t predict what other people think, and even if you could,  it’s  impossible to make everyone happy.  The world is full of diverse opinions,   and some of those opinions are in your favour, and some are not.

I don’t have the ability to get to know all of you on a personal level, but I’m super confident there’s something unique about all of you worth bringing to the forefront. Make your happiness worth more than the opinions of   others.

Give a damn about yourself first, then those who give a damn about you, and     then see if you have any damns left to give.

Unearn – 101 Simple Truths for Better Life – Humble Poet
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Don’t Be Over-Reactive

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes bad things happen. When they do,  don’t  overreact  to them.


Take Jim, for example. He would blow up, yelling and screaming at everyone, especially the person who brought him the bad news. He would go on for an hour. It made for an ugly work situation until he calmed down. Then he was fine. But that hour— wow!

So what happened? People started avoiding the prospect of bringing him bad news. The result? Things festered and got worse. If you overreact to things, especially bad news, people are going to start avoiding you. This reduces your effectiveness. It reduces your interactions. It creates fear in subordinates and coworkers, and destroys relationships.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills – Robert Dittmer
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Always Expect the Unexpected Because the Only Certainty Is Uncertainty

As much as we can do to improve our lives, we do have to remember that there is no such thing as a sure thing. Rich or poor, every person’s future is uncertain. Tomorrow will bring both pain and pleasure. You will have little or no control over many things that happen in the future. All told, the success of the important project is not guaranteed regardless of how much talent you have and how much effort you put into it.


As a matter of course there will always be unexpected disruptions in our lives. Notice that when you remodel your house, things usually take twice as long to complete and cost twice as much as expected. Career, travel, marriage, and leisure plans are all subject to unexpected negative influences. You may be riding high one day, but all good things do come to an end. Don’t expect your feeling of being in control of the world to last forever. Trust me, it won’t.

Things will change. What is uncertain is when things will change. Unexpected events can throw you off stride for a minute, a day, or even a few years. Keep in mind that it’s the big changes in life that rarely give any advance warning. Obstacles in your path can appear out of nowhere. Anything worth doing is likely to take longer than you expect. Things for which we have high expectations sometimes have to be abandoned entirely. If it’s important to you, it’s wise to be prepared for something unexpected.

What is most  certain  is uncertainty.  The future will  bring  change. It  is important to learn how to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances because in this day and age there will be many. We can resist change, but it’s going to happen anyway. Perhaps it’s the short-term pain that comes with a lot of change that we fear and resist.

Those who are flexible in their thinking and their ways will prosper despite forthcoming upheavals in the way we live and do things. Not surprisingly, studies show that individuals who respond creatively to change live longer than those who don’t. Even in the bleakest situations, these people find a ray of sunshine. They know that change can be uncomfortable, but often it leads to something much better in the long run.

Be prepared to change with the times – instead of resisting change  and you will be happier and more relaxed. The silver lining of the uncertainty principle is that life’s most treasured moments often come unannounced. Rather than being threatened by unexpected developments, we should learn that they can also be hidden opportunities. Disasters hit our plans, but so does unanticipated good luck.

Being concerned about the future is pointless. The future will be here sooner than you can imagine. It’s crazy, but the harder it becomes to predict life’s events, the more we try to rely on predictions. There are no statistics on the future – aside from the fact that it is always ahead of you and it will come one day at a time. The best policy is to expect the unexpected. The only thing for certain is that nothing is for certain. Trust your instincts and creativity to help you on life’s journey and you will do just fine.

101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting – Ernie J. Zelinski





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Your attitude

Is the world filled with positive possibilities and exciting opportunities, or is it filled with despair and disappointment? Actually, that depends on your attitude.

You can choose what kind of light you shine on life. A positive attitude is what shines the more empowering kind of light.


Give yourself the ability to see the good in every person and the opportunities in every situation. Get yourself in a mindset that will encourage, inspire, motivate and heal.

If you wish to change life for the better, it just makes sense that you must see it from a better perspective. By maintaining a great attitude, you direct yourself to create a great world.

What makes your attitude so powerful is you. Every moment of every day you’re having an impact, and your attitude determines whether it is a valuable, creative impact or a worthless, destructive one.

Your attitude makes all the difference. You deserve a great one and the great life it brings, so give it to yourself.

— Ralph Marston
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Patience saves you money. Patience saves time, reduces stress, and improves your relationships.


With patience, you have the ability to achieve things that are simply not possible without it. Using patience, you can more fully understand and be understood.

Looking at life with patience, you can uncover and experience rich treasures that you otherwise never would have known about. Living with patience, you develop the persistence to create great and valuable things.

Patience does not mean sitting back and doing nothing. On the contrary, patience means always doing the very best you can do, while understanding that the results you seek will not come immediately.

Patience is the acknowledgement that the quality of life is much more important than the quantity of things with which you fill it. Patience is the willingness to accept what is, for right now, while putting all you have into creating the best that can be.

Make the most of the many opportunities life provides for you to practice patience. With patience is your life fully and richly lived.

— Ralph Marston
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Getting Even or Getting Ahead

Healing is generally thought of in the physical sense of being sick and getting well. While  this is certainly a valid part of healing, it barely scratches the surface. If we only look at healing as a method to get something back that we have lost, we have missed a great lesson and tremendous potential.


When you study stories of people who have gone through great struggles in their physical body,  their personal life, their business life, or any other arena,    they will invariably tell you that the road back to wholeness may or may not    exist, but the road to a greater good has definitely been a part of their healing.

Who among us would not want to have the physical body you had as a teenager? But would you want to go back and face everything else that went      with those years and the  struggles  you  have  gone  through  between  then  and now? You may never get back to where you were, but you will always have the opportunity to get ahead.

The stock market has resembled a roller coaster, sometimes on the down side of a great mountain. People have experienced tremendous financial losses. Those who will fare well are those who look at financial loss as an opportunity to learn and get ahead. Those who focus merely on getting back what they lost will, most often, be disappointed; and even if, over time, they are successful,  they  will merely arrive back where they  started.

Every obstacle in life comes with a corresponding lesson and the seed of a greater good. Embrace the struggle and view healing as more than simply restoration—but, instead, as a life lesson in the great resources you already have inside of you.

Struggles often serve to release the wisdom, patience, and strength we all possess but too seldom demonstrate. Rarely are people at their best when circumstances are good, but when tragedy strikes or obstacles appear, you will find superhuman traits being displayed. In the aftermath of terrorist attacks, the goodness and even the greatness of people across the country became so commonplace as to no longer be newsworthy. Today, as you face disease, stress, struggles, or obstacles, embrace the experience and ask yourself, “What is the lesson and where is the  advantage?”

Today’s the day!
Wisdom for Winners – A Millionaire Mindset : Jim Stoval
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