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Failure is not Permanent – Wholeness and the Art of the Comeback

Strive for wholeness, believe in yourself, keep your momentum at full throttle, and be strong and tough in your resilience. Don’t expect anything less than that from yourself, and I can assure you that success will become a permanent situation for you, even when your external circumstances may not show it. Continue reading

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Do the math

Certainly it is a competitive world. Yet the most successful competitors are those who do not depend on the competition, those who make the whole pie bigger instead of fighting over a single slice. Continue reading

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Your Character—and Your Reputation—Is Your Calling Card

Your business card is a useful item: It identifies you at that first meeting. After that, it probably does you no good at all. It might not even survive the day. But your actions at a first meeting, and all … Continue reading

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Finding Our Calling

from teacher to headmistress, from vice president to president, from assistant editor to editor in chief.
For a person experiencing his work as a calling, work is an end in itself. While the paycheck is certainly important, and advance- ment is too, he primarily works because he wants to. He is moti- vated by intrinsic reasons and experiences a sense of personal fulfillment; his goals are self-concordant. He is passionate about what he does and derives personal fulfillment from his work; he perceives it as a privilege rather than as a chore.

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Break Bread

When  you’re  sensing that a relationship could be better, find a reason to break bread with the other party. There is something about food that just brings people together and softens their defenses. Sales professionals know this technique very well, and … Continue reading

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Steer Clear of Toxic People

surround yourself with positive, supportive people who will encourage you and believe in you. These are individuals who tend to smile a lot, love to laugh at life, and are always there to cheer you on. They see your potential even when you’re not showing it, and they look at every day as an opportunity for you to do something great. They are also the ones who boost your confidence when you’re up against a challenge and who lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps or stuck in a rut. Continue reading

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Conquer procrastination

When something needs to be done, go ahead and do it as soon as possible. Putting it off until later only adds to the energy and effort required of you. The less you procrastinate, the more you’ll get done and the more effective you’ll be. Continue reading

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