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Patience Count

Patience is a divine gift that we give ourselves. It helps us to encounter  adversity and hardships without losing serenity, or becoming irritated or  despondent. It helps us not to be upset or stressed by trivial incidents and  events like waiting in line or sitting in traffic. We could never learn to be brave  and patient if there were only joy in the world, and that is why adversity must  be viewed as an opportunity for disciplined patience. Continue reading

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Gratitude Counts

It’s quite possible to attain great wealth, the best education, and an  exceptional quality of life, and still be unhappy. This occurs when people  live with an absence of gratitude. Success is a process that includes both  peaks and valleys, but the one constant in a truly successful life is gratitude.  Continue reading

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Commitment Counts

Commitments present themselves in delineations of black and white; after all, you either honor your commitments, or you don’t. Success is the result of  making and keeping commitments to yourself and others, while all failed or  unfinished goals, projects, and relationships are the direct result of broken  obligations. It’s that simple, that profound, and that important. Continue reading

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Consistency Counts

Consistency not only saves you time by helping to simplify and focus your  efforts, but more importantly, it helps you to set and routinely meet the expectations you have of yourself. This equates to a positive impact on bottom-line  results. Whether we like to admit it or not, as creatures of habit we all like,  expect, and appreciate consistency. When we learn or experience something  new, we expect to be able to apply that knowledge on a consistent basis.  Continue reading

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Failure is not Permanent – Wholeness and the Art of the Comeback

Strive for wholeness, believe in yourself, keep your momentum at full throttle, and be strong and tough in your resilience. Don’t expect anything less than that from yourself, and I can assure you that success will become a permanent situation for you, even when your external circumstances may not show it. Continue reading

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Do the math

Certainly it is a competitive world. Yet the most successful competitors are those who do not depend on the competition, those who make the whole pie bigger instead of fighting over a single slice. Continue reading

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Your Character—and Your Reputation—Is Your Calling Card

Your business card is a useful item: It identifies you at that first meeting. After that, it probably does you no good at all. It might not even survive the day. But your actions at a first meeting, and all … Continue reading

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