When you take risks there is the very real possibility of failure. When you take no risks there is the absolute certainty of failure. Some risks are not worth taking, yet to avoid all risk is to avoid life itself. Getting up in the morning is risky. Going into the marketplace is risky. It is risky to develop relationships with other people. Yet these are all risks which are well worth taking, because they can bring such valuable rewards.


Sometimes you’ll take a risk and it will hurt you. That’s no reason to stop taking risks. Learn from the experience and move forward. Your time and resources will rot and waste away if they are hoarded in fear of losing them. The most destructive risk is that of taking no risk at all.

Use what you have. Don’t let your fear of failure be the cause of your greatest failure. Put yourself on the line. Take some reasonable risks and reap the many rewards they bring.

Ralph S. Marston, Jr. – The Daily Motivator website at http://www.GreatDay.com

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