Self-pity is self Sabotage

The things you are capable of are amazing, but no one can get you to realize that potential but YOU. The growth you require,  in  order  to  reach  that  potential, means you have to be  uncomfortable.

This discomfort comes in the form of the challenges in life. When you encounter the challenge, you can either curl up into a ball, and feel miserably sorry for yourself OR you can stare at that challenge in the eye, and run towards it with everything you have.


You already know this. In  your  life  you’ve  encountered  and  overcome challenges, and the result was growth. The same circumstances aren’t going to present themselves. In this video game of life, the challenges will get tougher, and one of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is  yourself.

No Pain, No Gain is cliché for a reason, and it’s been used so often it has lost meaning, but the truth it holds will remain relevant forever.

If you think these words don’t apply to you, and what you’re going through is worse than everyone else, realize you’re a spoiled brat  with  electricity  and running water who needs to spend a week in any slum in South Africa to realize what a PROBLEM really is.

Instead of worrying about what the world is or isn’t doing for you, worry about what you can do for the world, contribute in any way you can to make this rock  feel like a better place for others.

UnLearn – 101 Simple Truths for Better Life – Humble Poet
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