Don’t Make Assumptions

Do you know what assume spells? Assumptions make an ass of u and me.

Assumptions are dangerous, yet we make them all the time. We assume that other people know something. We assume that others are in agreement with us without ever asking them. We assume that someone has the skills to do something. We assume that people want the same things we  do.

We base these assumptions not on hard evidence, but upon guesses, things others say, and partial information.


Have you ever spoken with someone and assumed he agreed with your position or idea, only to be surprised when he expressed the opposite view? If you do this in front of others, as in a group meeting, you risk damaging your relationship with that person. Worse, others will recognize you made an assumption, and the knowledge  will  damage  your  relationship  with them.

Avoid making assumptions about anyone or anything. If you don’t know for certain, ask.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills – Robert Dittmer
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