Forgive Yourself for Failings

So, you messed up. Have you taken the steps outlined in this book, such as mending fences, eating crow, offering a peace pipe, and  breaking bread?

If so, then all you can do is get on with your  life.  You’ve  done all you can to correct the situation. Some- times we have to just give people space to get over something—and we have to forgive our- selves, too.


Beating yourself up over  and  over  about a situation only continues to keep the situation alive, not only in your mind, but in the other person’s mind as well. And it puts you at risk of making the same mistake again.

If you’ve apologized, tried to restore the trust in the relationship,  and  changed  your behavior,  then  you’ve  done  your  part. You’ve  adequately  taken  responsibility,  and that’s  something  in which  you  can  find honor.

We all mess up with each other from time to time. When you mess up, do the right thing, then forgive yourself and move  on.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People  Skills – Rober Dittmer
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