Choose Words Carefully

Words can kill! Choose the wrong words and they can kill a relationship.

In fact, words have two meanings: denotation and connotation. Denotation is easy: the definition of the word. We  learn those in school. Connotations, however, are the real-world emotional responses some words can bring about. Connotation is the concepts and ideas that come to mind when the word is spoken, which are sometimes rooted in its definition, and sometimes  not.

Some words are deadly in and of themselves. You would never consider using the “n” word for any reason to anyone. Its definition and connotation are so negative that it evokes strong reactions from just  about everyone.


Some words, however, come with an intense emotional charge that goes beyond their definitions. Words such as stupid, dumb, ignorant, and general profanity are all pretty obvious. Often we find ourselves using these emotionally charged words in moments of stress, anger, or frustration. And some have made their way into our everyday office speech. For example, many people bristle at the phrase “dumb it down,” which clearly communicates that you think you’re higher on the intelligence food chain than those around you.

Be conscious of words so that your interactions can remain on a neutral and common ground. And never try to set someone off emotionally using words. That’s manipulative

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People  Skills – Robert Dittmer


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