See Both Sides

There are indeed two sides—or more—to every issue or argument. And people will trust and respect you if you show them you can see the different dimensions of a situation, and not just the  one  you prefer.

By actively seeing both sides, you show people you are fair, thoughtful, and respectful—all traits that make up the people we usu- ally admire the most.

It’s easy to align ourselves to the familiar, or to argue against the unfamiliar. But the person who can stretch beyond what she knows or feels comfortable with, and seek to understand a different view or experience, is truly the gifted among  us.


In fact, people who can see both sides of an issue are usually viewed as more credible. They’re open-minded—open to change, and open to having their minds changed—and people naturally gravitate to them, or seek them  out.

When we open ourselves up and see differences in views, approaches, and practices, we open ourselves up to a range of possibilities, and a variety of solutions. And we gain a golden opportunity to  learn  about  those  around us.

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People Skills – Robert Dittmer


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