Practice Tolerance

When we speak of tolerance, we are talking about tolerance for other  people’s  points  of view, others’  ideas,  others’  strengths and weaknesses, and so  on.

Remember that people are all different and they have different attitudes, opinions, and values. They also have different strengths  and  weaknesses. Sometimes some or all of these things can seem to be a problem. Sometimes they seem to be barriers to relationships and to getting things  done.


We all need to recognize that we are different, and to cherish those differences. After all, if we were all the same, it would be a boring world!

Recognize that everyone has a right to their opinions and values, even if they disagree with yours. Agree to disagree, and move forward  with  your tasks.

The key tolerance you need to develop is for those people who don’t have the skills or knowledge you do. Someone makes a mistake because she is not as good at something as you are. Don’t fly off the handle; that will surely damage any relationship you may have with her. Work with her. Understand her shortcomings and offer to help her overcome those shortcomings in knowledge or skills. After all, you want her to tolerate your shortcomings, don’t you?

151 Quick Ideas to Improve Your People  Skills – Robert Dittmer
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